We understand your industry

We have broad experience in each industry and work in tailor-made teams composed of experts from our various service areas.

Our industry experts have great knowledge of market changes, regulatory conditions, and external factors in the industries in which you operate. We collaborate with several different industry organizations, which means that we are constantly updated on news and changes in your particular industry.

Local expertise in a global network

We are represented with our expertise throughout Sweden, and globally through Grant Thornton International, one of the world's leading organizations of independently owned and managed auditing and consulting firms. So that you can get all the advice you need both globally and locally - all gathered under one roof.

Our expertise


Tech companies are digital from day one. Therefore, our complete solution for financial management, Grant Thornton Flow, is completely digital and you can reach it 24/7 with secure login. In the ongoing strategy work, our business advisors are by your side. They support you with a business plan, questions about growth strategy, and shareholder agreements. Tech companies are, or will be, often global. This requires an adviser who has full control of international taxation issues. You also get the full support from our experts when it comes to valuation and transactions in connection with acquisitions and sales.


We know the private healthcare industry! Since 2010, we have produced an annual study of the private care and nursing market in Sweden from a financial perspective. Our industry experts can support you in valuations of private care operations, sales of private care companies, and complex procurements. More and more companies are also turning to us for help with important VAT investigations and reviews of quality indicators in the healthcare sector.

Not for Profit

The industry group for no for profit organizations and foundations has gathered expertise from several different service areas for specifically tailored advice based on your challenges. We put together a team of specialists to support you with the issues that are relevant to your particular organization. We have all the specialist competence you need as a representative of a non-profit organization or foundation - regardless of whether you sit on the board, are an operations manager or a finance manager.

Private Equity

Taking the step from an owner-managed company to a Private Equity-owned company can be a big change. We support you in the entire transformation process. When growth-driven entrepreneurial companies are facing acquisitions and sales, our experts can help with transaction support and due diligence. When restructuring fund and portfolio companies, we help regardless of whether it is a tax or financial restructuring.

Financial Services

Transparency is increasing and regulatory requirements are becoming more complex for companies within the financial sector. Dealing with these changes is an important, as well as challenging for companies. Within our industry group Financial Services, we have gathered broad expertise to support companies that are under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Our advisors can support with services within compliance, risk and internal audit as well as advice on, for example, money laundering regulations, and forensic investigations.

Food and Beverage

Grant Thornton has extensive experience in the food industry, and we understand your challenges with new products, markets and distribution models. We help you as a wholesaler, producer, or retailer with various types of industry-specific advice, auditing and financial services. We help with strategic sustainability work and sustainability analyzes. Our experts can also provide support with issues related to the industry's complex VAT and customs issues.

Transportation and Logistics

Special regulations, changing conditions and the increasing global demands in terms of sustainability affect the transport industry. To keep companies up to date, anticipate risks and set the right structures, our experts are here to help. We have specialists in auditing, tax, accounting, and consulting. Our experts have worked with companies in the industry for a long time and can support you and your company in your challenges.

Real Estate and Construction

Grant Thornton's real estate industry group is a team of industry specialists with extensive experience in consulting, tax, accounting, and auditing. We support you in both large and small real estate issues. Our industry group are specialists in how to handle costs correctly for tax purposes and the complex VAT rules. With experience from over 1100 audit assignments in the real estate industry, you can be sure that our audit focuses on the risks in your particular business. We also give you advice for more efficient and profitable property ownership.