A secure invoicing process that saves time and money

With Grant Thornton's digital invoice management services, you'll save both time and money while having a more secure process that includes protection against fraudulent invoices.

As a customer, you only need to approve your supplier invoice and payment. We'll handle everything in between. Of course, we'll intregrate your company's certification routine, which means checking that it is always the right person who certifies the invoice based on the amount, supplier and position in the company. When your supplier's invoice is certified, it is automatically transferred to the company's business system.

You'll always have access to all supplier invoices. You can easily search for a specific invoice, compile purchases per supplier, create a list of the largest suppliers, etc. Storage of the original invoices is included in the service.

Feel free to contact our experts in supplier invoicing for a presentation of the services.

Peter Stenberg
Expert within supplier invoice
Peter Stenberg