Grant Thornton's team has a good understanding of the underlying driving forces and political risks in the health care sector. Our advice is therefore suited for the challenges that you as a private or public actor is facing. Our industry knowledge is crucial for delivering value to our customers.

This is an industry in transition that are facing major challenges. The privatization of the Swedish health care sector has over the recent years been substantial. The driving forces include: an aging population, increased desire for freedom of choice and the pursuit of greater efficiency in public services and thereby reducing the financial burden for local governments. The sector is exposed to high political risk and the trend is towards increased supervision, increased demands as well as regulation of private health care business.

We offer you strategic advisory and market studies, acquisition advisory as well as financial and fiscal due diligence. Our industry team has extensive knowledge in the valuation of private and public companies, sales of private healthcare companies a well as privatization processes.

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