Our audit ensures security for you as a business owner

Have an audited or authorized public auditor assist you with the audit of your ompany. Grant Thornton has extensive experience in owner-managed companies, national and international companies and non-profit organizations. With our expertise, you can minimize the risks, be confident in your business decisions and focus on the core business.

The basis of the auditor's work is to conduct an independent audit of your company and its financial statements. It creates security within the company and credibility towards your stakeholders such as customers, creditors, investors and suppliers.

An approved or authorized public auditor strengthens the company

By anticipating what could go wrong, introducing effective analyses and minimizing the risks, it is possible to avoid unwanted surprises. Our auditors have in-depth knowledge of changes in the market and current regulations and work continuously to review our clients' operations and controls. If the auditor notices any problems or risk factors, you'll get help with appropriate measures.

Get in touch with us, and we'll tell you more about how a high-quality audit can help you develop your company while strengthening the company's position in the relationship with stakeholders.

Our expertise


Are you and your company considering a stock market launch? If you are well prepared before initiating a listing process, and well informed about the requirements of listed companies, then there is much to gain.

External audit

It is important for us to deliver a high-quality audit of an annual report. We think it is important to look beyond the accounting and instead focus on your particular business and the agreements that form the basis for the accounting. Our experts can help you with an external audit of your business.

Sustainability audit

External quality assurance made by an independent specialist creates security both for your company and for those who will use the information. The credibility of the information is also increased by your company asking for an external certification.

International audit

Our audit specialists at Grant Thornton's International Business Center combine international experience with technical and industry-specific expertise. Through honest and straightforward communication with you as a customer, we create a better customized international audit.

Internal audit

Grant Thornton can carry out targeted audit efforts of the internal audit. The entire internal audit function can also be outsourced to Grant Thornton as we carry out audits in accordance with the Board's approved audit plan. Reporting takes place on an ongoing basis with clear review results and relevant recommendations for improvements.

IT Assurance

Digital information management requires great security, both in terms of protection against intrusion and against loss of data. Our experts will help you find an optimized solution adapted to the company's information management.

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With Flow, you get a fully-fledged digital work and collaboration space for a smarter and easier business life. We offer tools, services and advisory content. Everything gathered in one place through a secure login with BankID.

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