Corporate tax management - a strategically important decision

The tax management that affect your company should be seen as important strategic decisions that must be made at an early stage and then continuously reviewed. Through professional and up-to-date tax advice Grant Thornton can help you with this, 

The rules regarding tax are extensive, complicated and can also change from year to year. Doing mistakes can lead to unnecessary and high costs. We offer proactive advice where we, in consultation with you and customized to your particular company, create and maintain a long-term sustainable way of working with tax issues.

Your questions about tax are in safe hands with Grant Thornton

Integrity. Quality. Security. These three words form the core of how we work. We take the time to understand what is important for your particular company. We can offer tax advice that makes your business grow and develop. We provide professional advice that can be provided in all types of tax issues. We also give you the tools to make the right business decisions.

Whether you hire us as an owner, entrepreneur or part of a larger multinational organization, you can count on professional advice tailored to your specific needs. In collaboration with Grant Thornton's other services, we can provide a comprehensive offer that covers all needs in addition to tax advice. Our international network also ensures that you can be safe with our advice no matter where in the world you operate.

Advice for efficient and correct tax management

Our consultants are often hired as lecturers- both for their up-to-date expertise and for their ability to explain what´s complicated in a way that is easy to understand and absorb. This is of course also useful in the ongoing counseling with your comapny.

Let´s get in touch to discuss how we can contribute to an effective and correct strategy for tax management in your company.