Identify the key factors and reduce the risks

Within Transaction advisory services, which include both acquisition advice and sales advice, we focus on you making informed decisions about investments and transfers. You get a clear analysis with conclusions and recommendations.

It is not only the price, but also other terms in the transfer agreement, that are of great importance to both the seller and buyer. Our team at Transaction advisory services help you through the entire process, for example in designing or reviewing clauses and their effects.

In connection with acquisitions, you will receive, for example, advice and support prior to bidding, tax structuring, due diligence from a financial, tax and sustainability point of view and advice on transfer of shares.

Pre and in connection with divestments, we also help you with sales-related services. Read more about our services aimed at selling companies at M&A services.

Effective analyses and proactive advice

Your specific needs govern our mission. We provide pragmatic and commercial insight with a focus on transaction-critical and value-influencing factors. The analysis is of course comprehensive enough to give you a deep understanding of the business. This approach allows us to answer your key questions effectively.

A high senior presence throughout the assignment means that you always have access to a qualified expert to discuss important issues with. It also allows us to communicate preliminary conclusions at an early stage, propose possible measures and thereby avoid any negative surprises later in the process.

Company types, business structure and comprehensive impact insight

We provide transaction advice in connection with acquisitions and sales of companies. Thanks to a very large experience from transactions of owner-managed and medium-sized companies, we have a understanding of the challenges with acquisitions in this segment, for example in terms of limitations in the financial follow-up and in the financial function of these companies. We also have extensive experience in transaction consulting in connection with a series of acquisitions in the same industry, so-called roll-up acquisitions.

Our international presence in over 140 countries means that we can assist you with advice in connection with transactions in international environments. We also collaborate with our colleagues in other departments within Grant Thornton. This gives you a comprehensive picture of all the factors that are affected by your intended transaction. This seamless integration of services is very appreciated by our customers.

Contact us to discuss how we can best assist you with an upcoming or ongoing transaction.

We offer, among other things, the following within Transaction advisory service:

  • Financial due diligence
  • Vendor due diligence
  • Vendor assistance
  • Negotiation support
  • Purchase price mechanism
  • SPA-advisory
David Ramm
Head of Transaction advisory services
David Ramm