Special expertise for owner-led companies within the tech industry

Rapid development in technology, increased complexity and strong competition are commonplace for today's tech companies. With conditions that are changing, companies must be flexible and have a sustainable strategy.

Our advisors are experts in tech and through our industry group you gain access to our expertise in various sub-industries. We'll help you grow your business, no matter where in the world you operate. Through collaborations and strategic partnerships at national and local levels, we offer networking and seminars where you meet other companies in the same industry.

We have many customers within the game industry and advise several of the most successful game developers. Our industry expertise and experience support both developers as well as publishers.

Does your technology company focus on the finance industry? You can get unique support from our advisors no matter what stage your business is in. We have worked with some of the biggest players in the market, and have been a part of their journey from the start.

We also support technology companies specializing in the healthcare industry. We combine our extensive knowledge with our long-term commitment. This gives you broad support and valuable insights.

What we offer

Tech companies are digital from day one. Therefore, our complete finance management solution Grant Thornton Flow is entirely digital and can be accessed 24/7 with a secure login. Here, your company handles everything from invoices and employee time reporting, to tailored reports which helps you make the right decisions.

Tech companies are often, or become, global. It requires an advisor who is fully aware of international taxation issues, such as internal pricing and staff transferring between different countries. We help you with the correct handling of foreign source taxes for, for example, royalty and we deliver the right VAT on international sales.

Our certified business advisors support you with business plans, growth strategies, shareholder agreements or in terms of valuation and transactions in acquisition and sales.

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