Our Forensic services team help you prevent, detect and investigate irregularities

Companies and organizations are expected to have a operation method that counteract irregularities, bribes and corruption. Grant Thornton's team at Forensic services offers advice that leads to a sustainable future, not least in the area of Forensic.

If you suspect that your organization is at risk of being exposed or have been affected by any kind of irregularities, we can quickly offer help to secure information, investigate what has happened, assist in disputes and also support the organization in a forward-looking improvements.

At our Forensic Services department we can offer a group of specialists with varying backgrounds and long experience of working with risks. We can assist you with advice in areas where there are often risks of trust. We can also be hired as an independent party when various stakeholders need clarification of specific issues. For cross-border assignments, we collaborate with Grant Thornton International.

We offer qualified advice in the following areas:

  • Forensic Investigations
    Investigations into suspected fraud, bribery and corruption, conflicts of interest, or other violations of internal and external policies and regulations.
  • Digital Forensics
    Capture and securing of digital information in connection with investigations, disputes and bankruptcies. Analysis of structured data (such as accounting and transactions) and unstructured data (such as documents, audio files, e-mail). We use the latest technology and offer tailor-made solutions within, for example, eDiscovery.
  • Fraud Risk Management & Anti-Financial Crime
    Preventive advice to reduce the risk of financial crime and violations of internal and external regulations. We can support you in, for example, developing internal controls but also reviewing policies or codes of conduct. We also offer tailor-made training for both small groups and entire companies.
  • Whistle Blower Support
    Support in connection with all aspects of whistleblower systems. We assist in the introduction of systems with adaptation of processes, communication and review of regulations and code of conduct. We offer complete solutions with case management and reporting as well as support when needed for investigations.
  • Corporate Intelligence - Integrity Due Diligence
    Having good knowledge of a potential customer, supplier, investor or other business partner is becoming increasingly important. We can help you with background checks of companies and individuals, for example in connection with initial agreements, company acquisitions or investigations.
  • Disputes
    Assistance in disputes, for example through financial calculations and valuation as well as verification of facts. Expert witness statements in connection with court proceedings and conciliation proceedings. These are some examples of what Dispute services can assist with.
  • Contract Compliance
    Independent reviewers of contractual relationships, for example intellectual property rights such as patents and royalties. Follow-up of compliance with license terms or other contract terms that affect a financial outcome. Review that contract terms are met for contracts, construction and civil engineering projects.
  • Insolvency support
    Bankruptcy and bankruptcy aid.

Let's get in touch and discuss how we can help your company with forensic services.