Strategic sustainability work ensures long-term success

Companies and organizations are increasingly affected by global sustainability challenges. This means that we see increased demands on performance, not only at the financial level but also environmentally and socially. Today, both financial and non-financial data are analysed when assessing the long-term value of a company.

Strategic sustainability work should be integrated into all stages of the business, both in terms of ownership, control and leading forward. By doing this, you can manage and avoid the risks associated with the organization, identify opportunities, streamline and develop the business, strengthen the brand and competitiveness and increase the value of any shares.

Strategic sustainability work makes it easier to:

  • attract talented employees
  • attract customers
  • gain the trust of investors
  • have satisfied owners
  • maintain long-lasting and good supplier contacts
  • handle demands from the state and municipality
  • have good relations with the media.

Sustainability services, seminars and training

Sustainability drives the business and is an essential and crucial part of achieving a long-term profitable organization. That's why we at Grant Thornton have a dedicated team for sustainability services that assists our customers, nationally and internationally, with expertise in sustainability.

We arrange seminars and host tailor-made training for employees, management teams and boards of companies and organizations.

Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help your organization to develop and document your sustainable business.

Karin Björk
Head of Sustainability services
Karin Björk