Clear, direct and useful reporting.

It is important for us to deliver a high-quality audit of a financial statement. We believe it's essential to look beyond the accounting and instead focus on your business and your agreements that form your financial foundations.
For most of our clients, we conduct integrated accounting, where we audit their financial statements as well as evaluating how efficiently the client manages their financial reporting internally.

Every audit team at Grant Thornton is strategically chosen to include the most appropriate expertise depending on the complexity of the task. When needed, specialists within tax, accounting, evaluation, cybersecurity and sustainability are involved in the project.

Our employees are actively involved in the entire process, so that you always have access to qualified consultants who know your business.

Clear reporting
Our goal is to provide clear, direct and useful reporting to the Board of Directors and Corporate Management. Therefore, we have developed a reporting stature that focuses on relevant observations. The report includes a recommendation that will help Corporate Management prioritise what needs to be handled immediately, or further in the future.

Auditing that gives you more than an audit report
We use the experience that we get from your company during the audit process to deliver advice regarding risk management, taxes, routines, withdrawal strategies or other improvements. Our ambition is to give useful suggestions so that your business can develop and grow.


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