Clear, direct and useful reporting with an external audit

It is important for us to deliver a high-quality audit of a financial statement. We'll also share our reports to your business management, which also includes clear suggestions for future improvements.

We look beyond the accounting, and focus on your particular business and the contracts that form the basis for the accounting. For the majority of our customers, we conduct an integrated audit, where we combine the audit of the annual report with evaluating the effectiveness of the company's internal controls in the financial reporting. This lays the foundation for long-term, sustainable routines.

At Grant Thornton, each audit team is carefully selected to include appropriate industry experience and experience level depending on the severity of the assignment. Of course, each auditor is approved or authorized. If necessary, specialists in tax, valuation, accounting, IT security and sustainability are also involved.

Our employees are actively involved in the planning and execution of the audit, to give you as a customer direct access to qualified experts and employees who have the most experience and understanding of your business.

Clear reporting with suggestions of prioritized issues

Our goal with our external audit is that the reporting to the board and the business management should be clear, direct and useful. Therefore, we have developed a structure for reporting that focuses on significant observations, includes a recommendation and helps the business management to prioritize which measures need to be handled immediately or in the long term.

Auditing that provides more than just the audit report

We use the experience we've gained about your company during the audit process. This is to be able to deliver good advice regarding risk management, taxes, routines, withdrawal strategies or other improvements. Our ambition is always to make valuable suggestions so that your company can grow and develop.

Financial companies

Grant Thornton offer a specialist team with extensive experience in external auditing in, for example, banks, credit market companies, insurance companies, securities companies, fund companies and fintech. With broad expertise, we support smaller and larger financial companies in regulatory issues, tax, IT issues and internal auditing.

Contact us to find out more about how our dedicated audit and clear reporting can help you develop your business.

Serhat Eliacik
Expert within external audit
Serhat Eliacik