General audit and accounting of your company’s sustainability report

Conducting an external quality assurance of the sustainability report provides security for both the company and those who use the information. The credibility of the information increases through an external authentication, which is vital for clients, creditors, investors, suppliers, trade organisations, the media, and authorities. Furthermore, acting in a sustainable way helps to retain talented and competent employees, and therefore, the internal target group should not be underestimated.

Our auditors have extensive experience within sustainability. Through our expertise, you can minimise risks, act safely in your business decisions, and focus on the core of the business.

Independent audits are performed through your company's management and accounting. The new regulations in the field of auditing affect all types of businesses. By anticipating what can go wrong, imposing effective controls and minimising the risks, it's possible to avoid unwanted surprises. Our auditors have extensive knowledge of market changes and they work continuously auditing our clients' payments.

Safe with Grant Thornton
Our auditors are regularly controlled by the company's internal group: Grant Thornton International Ltd., the industry organisation FAR, and the Supervisory Board. We adapt to the changes within new regulations, and are also involved in their development. An audit of a sustainability report has the same requirements as a financial audit. This is one of our strengths, in addition to our extensive experience in the area of sustainability.

Through our membership in Grant Thornton International, we have a strong global presence and can offer professional help with all your questions. Sustainability is an international phenomenon, and the accounting regulations can be applied in all countries.

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