Secure your company's IT management with our IT Assurance

In today's digital society, there are many challenges - you and your company must both streamline as well as secure your information management.

Digital management requires great security, both in terms of protection against intrusion and against loss of data. This applies to managing risks related to the use, processing, storage and communication of business-critical data. Requirements are placed on different types of controls regarding administrative processes, technical measures and quality assurance of the IT environment. Our experienced IT auditors in our IT Assurance department offer a thorough review of your company's IT management, both with regard to the internal systems as well as a broader perspective when it comes to cloud security and cyber security.

What needs does your company have? Contact us, and our experts will help you find an optimized solution customized to your company's IT assurance and information management.

Annika Norrman Nordell
Head of Business Risk Services
Annika Norrman Nordell