Qualified valuation services tailored to your needs

Grant Thornton has over 500 specialists in more than 60 countries who offer valuation services in connection to divestitures, acquisitions, mergers, incentive programs, shareholder related issues, valuation of intangible assets and tax matters. We also have experts in complex accounting issues related to valuation.

Our team in Sweden has extensive experience as independent valuation experts. We are accustomed to act in public assignments as advisors in connection to fairness opinions, complicated disputes, and compulsory purchase matters.

Valuation issues can occur at the sales or acquisition process of companies, when a company brings in or buys out other stakeholders, at restructures, at introductions of option programs, at cash issues, or at stock exchange buyouts. It can also occur at compulsory acquisitions, disputes and accounting for acquisitions or impairment tests, or at estimations of values of immaterial rights such as trademarks or patents.

We always adapt our services according to the current issue and needs of your company. Contacts us at: info@se.gt.com or at +46 8 563 070 00, to let us help you.

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