Simplify your cost control for clear planning of your company's occupancy

Our digital solution streamlines and ensures your company's time reporting and project invoicing. Developing a basis for salary payment and invoicing has never been easier.

Our service for Time & Projects is ideal for all companies that work on a project basis, for example service and consulting companies as well as construction companies. Prepare documentation for salary and invoicing in the same system where time worked is registered directly in each project. The documents are created completely automatically - no one needs to sit and bookkeep afterwards. Employees report time easily via their phone and the service also functions as a digital personnel register.

As with all other solutions in Grant Thornton's client portal Flow, it is possible to tailor the solution so that it is as efficient as possible for your particular business. The best synergy effects are achieved by combining different services in Flow. We combine the digital tools with advisory to create development and growth in your company. Contact us and we will help you go through the needs to find the right solutions for your company.

Peter Stenberg
Expert within time and projects
Peter Stenberg