Tailor-made accounting and payroll services with proactive advisory

Customize your accounting and payroll management in our client portal Flow, where you also receive reports and analyzes to be able to make the right decisions for your business. 

At Grant Thornton's Outsourced accounting and payroll department, we can take care of all or parts of your accounting, payroll administration and other financial management so that you can focus on running and developing your business. With technical solutions, such as digital management of receipts and supplier invoices, you save time and get access to information and data quickly.

Our team for outsourced accounting and payroll complement the practical management with proactive advice that supports you all the way in your decision-making process. This creates a sustainable and successful business.

Strong relationships are important to us, we are convinced that this enable us to shape your company's future more successfully.

The whole cake - or just a piece?

Regardless of whether you want to outsource an entire finance and payroll department or need a finance manager, we have the solution. In the menu on the left you will find our services and can read more about how we can help your specific company.

Are you looking to establish your comapny outside Sweden's borders?

With our offices around the world we'll help you with outsourced accounting and payroll services, customized to local conditions. As your partner in Sweden, we can coordinate your administration and consolidate your operations in Sweden and in other countries.

Let's get in touch to discuss how we can help your company.

Our expertise

Customer invoice

With our customer invoice solution, you can create a quote that is converted into a work order and ultimately results in an invoice that we distribute to your customer. We also handle reminders and register customer payments.

Receipt and travel management

Our smart digital service for receipt management will simplify handling and save you time. All you need to do is take a photo of the receipt with your smartphone and add the amounts and relevant comments. Then everything is ready for further electronic management and automatic bookkeeping.

Supplier invoice

Traditional handling of supplier invoices can be time consuming and lack effective control. Grant Thornton's web-based supplier invoice management (EIM) gives you completely new opportunities to streamline the management of your supplier invoices.

Payroll Services

Grant Thornton offers complete management of your company’s payroll function: from reporting to payouts, authorisations, statistics, and pension administration. We will review your needs and customise a solution that fits your company perfectly.

Reports and analyses

With our digital solution, your financial information becomes easily accessible and easier to understand. The information is available 24 hours and you can extract your reports at any time. We create customized reports for your business, which will help you make the right decisions.


We offer your company customized financial services and accounting. We create a whole range of common tasks such as accounting, supplier accounts, customer accounts, VAT and reporting.


A key to being able to grow profitably in a company is order and structure. This results in that "everything flows" and that employees know what authorization and what responsibilities they have.

Specialist services

In addition to your company being able to outsource the entire finance department or payroll department to us, we can also help with more specialized or temporary services. We have driven consultants and advisers who are ready to contribute with broad experience and a network of experts.

Time and projects

Do you want to simplify cost monitoring and get a clearer plan of the company's occupancy? Our digital solution streamlines and ensures your company's time reporting and project reporting. Developing a basis for salary payment and invoicing has never been easier.

Anna Nilsson
Head of Outsourced accounting and payroll
Anna Nilsson
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Grant Thornton Flow

With Flow, you get a fully-fledged digital work and collaboration space for a smarter and easier business life. We offer tools, services and advisory content. Everything gathered in one place through a secure login with BankID.

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