Our payroll administration steamlines your business

Grant Thornton's payroll services offer a complete management of your company's payroll function: from reporting to payouts, statement of earnings and tax deductions, statistics and pension administration. Together, we´ll go through your needs and customize a solution that suits your business.

At our payroll administration department, we work in digital and flexible systems with reporting online, which saves a lot of time in your payroll administration. We can also make an integration with your existing systems.

We have payroll consultants who are authorized according to FAR or SRF, and are always up to date as the authorization requires regular trainings and a standardized way of working. Our payroll administration specialists work in teams to reduce vulnerability, and close to you as a customer.

We can offer broad expertise in many different collective agreements and in different industries.

Reporting and certification online

Via Grant Thornton's client portal Flow, your employees can in a simple and easily accessible way report time and enter any absences, travel expenses and other expenses. The responsible manager certifies online and the documents are then transferred directly to the payroll system. Employees can easily (digitally) see their salary specifications as well as their holiday balance.

Expert advice on advanced issues

Even if your company retains its payroll function, there may still be areas where you need the help of an specialist. we can help you with, for example:

  • Review of your company's payroll management
  • Quality assurance/investigation of holiday pay debt
  • Salary survey
  • Setup/streamlining of routines and processes
  • HR-related issues
  • Preparation of data for rehab investigations.

We also have a broad competence and expertise in handling salaries and related issues for international companies with expatriates. In this case, we work closely with our Global Mobility Services department and can offer a complete solution with analysis and management of expatriates and cross-border staff transfers, for example when it comes to:

  • Tax
  • Social insurance affiliation
  • Posting contract
  • Effective compensation models.

 in payroll administration to find out more about how your company can save time through outsourcing your payroll.

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