Grant Thornton offers complete management of your company’s payroll function: from reporting to payouts, authorisations, statistics, and pension administration.

We will review your needs and customise a solution that fits your company perfectly. Working in modern and flexible systems allow you to report online. We can also integrate our system with your existing one.

Our specialists offer you continuous access to updated expertise within payroll services. The authorisation requires a standardised work procedure and a regular update of skills. That's why many of our payroll consultants are authorised by SFR, giving you assured quality.

Digital systems
Grant Thornton's customer portal allows your employees to easily and conveniently report their time sheet, as well as report absence, travel claims and expenses. The manager uses digital authorisation and data is immediately transferred into the payroll system. Employees can then easily view their payslips, vacation and overtime balance.

Additional services
There may be other areas in your business that would benefit from our expertise in authorised payroll consultancy. We can help you with reviewing you company's payroll process, or investigating vacation salary debts.

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