We are experts on independent valuations and have extensive experience in disputes

In today's complex processes, more and more input is required to achieve positive outcomes. Current determining factors for resolving disputes include insightful analyses, informative reports, and presentations. Grant Thornton's experienced experts provide financial and economic analysis which helps to resolve disputes in an efficient manner.

We handle complex valuation issues and damage calculations for a variety of clients in several different sectors. Examples include anything from rental disputes to extensive and complex commercial disputes. We offer informative evidence, both written and verbal, based on our extensive experience as expert witnesses in trials.

Examples of accomplished assignments include: disputes in accordance with the Land code (tenant disputes), insurance claims and investigations, business disputes and damages, and quantification of lost profits. We also have experience with financial analysis and modelling, investigations linked to intangible assets (trademarks), trade secrets, patents, disputes after acquisitions, and compulsory purchase inquiries.

Prior to every assignment, we review the company in order to tailor our efforts and therefore maximise the value of our advisory. 

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